People Centered Solutions

Delivering value and exceeding expectations


Our service philosophy is simple. We value and respect the privilege of doing business with our clients, our affiliation and alliance partners. We work with them to set realistic expectations and deliver measurable results. The quality and longevity of our relationships serve as the hallmark of our commitment to service excellence and success.



Bringing The Right People Together

Transforming problems into opportunities

We attract talented, like-minded professionals with whom we form alliances.

Through these connections, we provide a powerful core team to create more depth and expertise for our clients. Our network of global subject matter experts allows us to bring needed specific capabilities and resources to each engagement. All teams are staffed and led by senior members who are actively involved throughout the project. As a result, our clients experience the benefit of:

Global strategy expertise without typical corporate overhead

Seasoned professionals with proven track records

Flexibility to add or subtract services as required and budget allows

A single point of contact

The Luxury Institute is a global research and luxury CRM consulting company dedicated to building customer-centric luxury enterprises. For more information on the Luxury Institute, please visit the website at


The Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate is global network of over 120,000 elite brokers in more than 80 countries representing the finest residential luxury estates and property brokerages in the world. Each member has been recognized as a leader in the marketing of distinctive and luxury properties, committed to high performance, professionalism, and quality service.


Ilya specializes in luxury photography and has worked with clients worldwide to capture some of he world’s most exclusive architecture, products and cuisine. Ilya’s unparalleled style and artistic vision brings his photographs to life resulting in timeless images. To see his amazing work, visit


We are pleased to announce our affiliation with BrightDoor Systems. The first real estate sales and marketing engine to generate leads, organize and deliver metrics, reinvent customer relationship management (CRM), and automate high-visibility, interactive presentations and email communications.

Pfeiffer serves the professional development and hands-on resource needs of training and human resource practitioners and gives them products to do their jobs better. Learn more about their books, tools and resources at

The Human Resource Connection Ltd assists companies by helping to develop human resources whether that be people, processes or procedures. For more information on the Human Resource Connection, visit their website

Optimum Strategy Group embraces the change in the global market by utilizing new and innovative ways of approaching equity and the capital markets. Optimum Strategy Group believes the alignment of interest essential to every partnership.