Social Media

Do You Have A Social Media Plan For Your Business?

Connecting people to opportunity

Social media has quickly become an integral piece of the overall business strategy for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Our team of strategists has a combined experience of 25 + years designing, developing, and implementing sales and marketing strategies for some of the most well known and respected names in a variety of industries.We build, implement, and manage campaigns that create a strong brand presence for our clients, and ultimately a loyal following of customers.We know what it takes to create a buzz.We help our clients define their target audience and identify which paths to use to maximize brand awareness, traffic and conversions.

Because the foundation of our success is our fundamental belief in having the right strategy and talent, our approach to social media builds from that platform.We take our clients through a process to identify who they are, what they do, how they add value, and who their perfect customer is.

From our perspective, it’s not about having a gazillion fans or followers who never make a purchase.It’s about identifying key influencers and early adopters, creating relationships with the right connections, and building a team of brand ambassadors.

We look at and evaluate existing social profiles, connections, and posts.We develop a comprehensive plan to optimize profiles, identify the right connections, and develop a content posting plan based on goals outlined in the planning process.Collaborating with our clients enables us to provide a seamless posting plan in the client’s authentic voice and integrated with other sales and marketing activities.

For us social media is more than just the latest trend, or hot topic. It’s a remarkable resource to create a powerful presence, build relationships, and produce results.

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