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Growing A Worldwide Reputation



We’re privileged to serve some of the most iconic brands and industry leaders around the world.

Our client list includes several global real estate development players, luxury real estate brokerages, well known hospitality and spa services groups, wealth management and financial services firms and companies in the healthcare, energy and technology sectors.

We work with senior leaders, C-level executives, professionals and teams in businesses of all sizes from entrepreneurs launching their business to Fortune 500 companies looking to improve performance, sales and profitability.

Our client relationships are based on confidentiality, trust and integrity.  To respect and honor our commitment to our client relationships, a client reference list is provided during the engagement process.  We are happy to make this information available by request.

“Thank you seems woefully inadequate.  I am awed, humbled, blessed, thrilled, and encouraged by your generosity.  I have worked with many facilitators and strategic business consultants over my 27 years in business, many of them very good, but none of your caliber.  You have been integral to our growth and progress to date and how well we have been able to present ourselves to investors.  The fact that you so willingly share yourself to enrich us is truly amazing and I feel very privileged to have you working with our executive team.” – NP, CEO, Minden


“Your work behind the scenes propelled us from inaction to success.  Thank you for challenging us to step outside our comfort zone and for believing our achievement was attainable.” – AL, COO, Orlando


“These are challenging and troubling times and we are so grateful to have engaged your services.  We would have lost key team members and much needed business revenues otherwise.  Thanks.” – RS, VP Sales & Marketing, Sacramento


“Your enthusiasm, wisdom and leadership are more powerful than you may be aware. Many people in our organization have great respect for what you’ve helped us accomplish with fewer resources and in less time.” – MS, CEO, Chicago


“We were impressed with how quickly you earned the respect of the leadership team and shifted our thinking to greater things.” – SM, VP Customer Experience, Sydney, Australia