The Fine Art of Luxury Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words

To create a work of art through the lens of the camera requires the ability to see what others do not see.  When the final composition is destined for the eyes of the affluent and wealthy, perspective and attention to detail are crucial components.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Ilya Moshenskiy of Ilya Photography to learn more about his story and the world of luxury photography.

Since 1973, Ilya has been sharing his passion for photography with the world.  It was during his senior year of high school when a friend introduced him to amateur photography.  Ilya quickly learned the process of taking the picture, developing the negatives in his kitchen which served as the darkroom and finally printing the photograph.

He went on to study photography in college.  As a freelance photographer for a local newspaper he was quite successful with a variety of assignments.  While in the army, he continued his work with newspaper photography.

Soon he met the love of his life and was married.  Photography was still a big part of his life.  He went on to finish his Masters in Photo-Journalism.  Learning firsthand how to take split second photos that capture visually monumental moments in time.

What Ilya loves about his work is the opportunity to take architectural photos.  Seeing the exquisite details in the architecture and taking a photo that creates emotion drives him.  Viewers enjoy the creativity and variety of his work including architecture, cuisine and high fashion.

Specializing in luxury brands, he was invited to photograph for Kiton in Italy.  Purveyors of the finest suits in the world for men, everything is done by hand.  There are no sewing machines and it requires 48 hours to sew one jacket.  This is a true custom experience, very old world.  Ilya’s photography, much like Kiton’s finished products require the eye of a craftsman.

One of his favorite photo shoots was for the Gucci Private Collection.  He loved working on the lighting and composition, making sure the attention to detail in each of the products was clearly visible in the finished photographs.

A story he shared with us about taking photographs for a magazine at a boat show in Cannes, France helped us understand the commitment he has to his art.  Within eyesight were some of the most beautiful and luxurious yachts in the world.  Determined to capitalize on the opportunity to produce some remarkable photos, he pursued conversations with the right people until he was given an access pass allowing him to enter the area of the show where these high end yachts were located.  Making sure he had all the right equipment in tow the next day, he spent the entire day shooting image after image.  Because he had planned for the unexpected, he was able to take photos other photographers dream of taking.

When he was invited to be one of many photographers with permission to photograph the Bush inauguration in 2005, again he used his charm, his vision of the perfect photo in his mind and his extensive knowledge of the proper photo equipment and composition to create a wonderful image.

Ilya says that memorable photographs come from an unusual composition, attention to detail and the right lighting.  Together they make a bold statement through the finished photograph.  The image touches the viewer so the viewer’s eyes linger on the photo and the image embeds in their memory.  It requires patience and a way of seeing through the lens of the camera in a way the human eye does not so easily see.

Ilya’s Tips for Photos that WOW

  • Choose a photographer that is passionate about his work and views photography as an art.
  • Define the story your photograph should tell.  What makes the photo memorable or an experience?
  • Know and picture in your mind the visual image you want to create.
  • Identify your focal point and visualize the spatial design to best frame your photograph.
  • Take your time when setting up photography equipment.  Nothing makes a photograph more compelling than distinct lighting.
  • Be sure to be creative and experiment.  Use standard techniques as a basis but remember there are no boundaries to art and possibilities can be endless.

Ilya defines luxury in the details, in products that are of craftsman quality, that speak to the work behind the scene.  He loves his work because it allows him to see the unique perspective of a product and he brings that visually to his photos.

Being able to see images through the camera lens that inspire you is not exclusive to Master Photographers like Ilya.  Seeing creativity not as a magical experience but as something that allows you to see the extraordinary in the ordinary is a practice each of us can take on.


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    Ilya shows that stunning photography is a product of preparation, timing, strategy and creativity. Thanks for giving us a colorful glimpse into his world!

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    Very great pictures! i found a luxury brand directory, which u can use to find more amazing pictures :)

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