What Makes A Great Salesperson?

“Well, we have been together for five minutes and I can already tell that you know nothing about me, my company, my products, my issues or my market.  What was it you were trying to sell me again?

– Anonymous

Sound familiar?  You won’t want to miss the sneak preview of our

New Online Professional Sales Certificate Program at the UNR Extended Studies Open House

When:  Wednesday, Aug 22, 2012, 5:30 to 7:30 PM

Where:  University of Nevada, Reno, Redfield Campus, 18600 Wedge Parkway, Reno

According to Inc., the six traits of a great salesperson are

Passion for the product

Great listening skills

Understanding early adopters

Perfect execution

Being trusted

Getting the order


In his video, Jeffery Gitomer shares about the power of a positive mental attitude to drive sales success.  We believe what makes a great salesperson is all of the above and more.  It is the sales professional’s commitment to personal and professional development that leads to mastery.

Every sales professional can improve.  How about you?

Come build your sales toolbox, make the shift from selling to serving and leverage a relationship-focused sales approach for greater sales results.

We look forward to meeting you!

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  1. Betty Carlgren says:

    I just happened upon this offering too late. If you should offer the certification program again, I would love to be notified. I live in Ely, so anything online is wonderful.
    Betty Carlgren

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